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This page contains information about my various projects, as well as download links. It's constantly being updated, even if just with new info about old projects or project updates, so check back regularly!

IP Locate

This is a simple tool for Windows that lets you geolocate an IP address. It's completely self-contained, being a single, 350 KB 64-bit Windows executable.

There are a few options for operating the program:

Download IP Locate for Windows

Sleep Soundly

My laptop's sound driver, among many others, has this absolutely infuriating behavior where it puts the sound card to sleep after a particular amount of silence (mine's semeingly after 5 seconds), causing a screen reader user to miss the beginning of speech, an audio file, a notification, or anything else they may be trying to listen to. To solve this, this small program was born. Simply run it, and it'll start piping silent audio through your default sound card, thus completely eliminating this agrivating sleep behavior. It should also respect device changes (e.g. unplugging headphones). To close it, simply click on the tray icon. It doesn't get much simpler than that.

Download Sleep Soundly for Windows


This is a simple set of Windows programs that lets you use the Just Beam It file sharing service without ever opening a web browser. As with all my other projects, the executables are completely standalone 64-bit Windows executables, and need no dependencies. A readme is included in the package that explains how to use it in more detail.

Download JBI GUI for Windows